The largest event hall in Bucharest

The largest event hall in Bucharest

Within RIN Grand Hotel you can rent the largest event hall in Romania. It is specially designed for grand ceremonies, has an area of 955 square meters and state-of-the-art facilities: air conditioning system with fresh air supply, high-fidelity audio-video installation and a unique lighting system and light games.

This room is the perfect place for important weddings and anniversaries – be they personal or company anniversaries.

The show can be segmented into two parts, if the number of guests at the event requires it.

  • Bucharest Hall A has a maximum capacity of 220 people.
  • Bucharest Hall B can accommodate 150 – 160 people, depending on the desired set-up.

We also invite you to visit us so that you can better evaluate all the benefits you will enjoy with your guests.

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